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"...You Enter Into This Project In Order To Earn $8 To $100 Per Week For Performing Daily Tasks..."

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On this website I want to introduce you all available information, which are known to me at this moment about this project.

Before that, however, I would like to draw your attention at one important factor that is ...

We have already over 200,000 registered users although the project has been launched barely 12th October.

The reason for such rapid growth is undoubtedly:

The Ability To Generate Income Without Referrals! With a Free Box Package!

Many of us are searching for and / or still is looking for new opportunities, a new projects with a specified conditions, projects having this kind of the properties which draw the attention of everyone who followed so far or tried to follow the path marked out by BannersBroker, AditNetwork or several other similar projects, which does not necessarily have gone in the right direction.

But get to the point...

libertagia free

Here's Origin of the name of LibertàGià - Free Yourself Now.
The Company believes that:

"... people can live better, they can free themselves from poverty ..."

therefore, the first package is for free (for details, see the following description ...)

Office of LibertaGia is located in Lisbon, Portugal, in a building next Microsoft's seat and Cristiano Ronaldo's apartment.

Below I Will Present You a Few Things That I Think Are Important:

  1. LibertàGià project was being prepared behind the scenes of 13 months to finally start October 12th, 2013. The fact, that the project has been launched barely October 12th, means an opportunity for high earnings. (surely you realize how great business made those people, who entered early, for example to BannersBroker, and how much money they earned?) LibertaGia is a mix of leaders with knowledge of systems such as EmpowerNetwork, BannersBroker or TelexFree.
  1. It's a business where you can also start with a zero contribution and earning $ 8-15 per week for performing daily tasks (according to current estimates, assumptions). People do not believe, and often they want to see for yourself that something actually works and grows before they decide to take further action. The company from the very beginning took care about of such people, therefore ease of the building and promotion of the business, "sweeps off their feet".
  1. The CEO and The President of this company is Rui Salvador while the Marketing Director is William Gill, one of the Best leaders in Brazil.
  1. LibertàGià (Freedom Now) is a technology company working internationally which main goal is to develop apps that will solve common problems in people’s lives. We want to integrate the technology necessary for everyone to perform professional, personal and social activities just in one place. We call this utility!
  1. The Main Product of LibertàGià is the Online Product and Services, provided by Live In box. The Live in Box is a platform that adds contents and apps to make your life on the web as a simple and easy experience. The Product is similar to a cloud service but you’ve got bunch of applications, anti virus, social networks, chat, movies, conference, emails access, you can securely access you back up files, pictures and etc. It’s basically a cloud service but with a twist, because you’ve got a whole platform where you going to have for example a TV a small or an online TV where you will be able to see the whole or live program.

Let's move on to the description of what actually earn. The marketing plan will be different for those who will work for themselves and for those who will want to build a team.

Remember! People Don’t Lose Money With LibertàGià!

If you buy one of our packages We guarantee that You not lose your money. If you lose your money please contact the company and the company will go to insurance and that cover your cost.

Yes, It’s Completely Free! Become a Member Now. It's Guarantee Your Positions And Weekly Earnings.

What’s in the Bronze, FREE Box?

You will get:

  • 15% of team Bonuses and Leadership – it will be calculated from the points which you get in binary.
  • 1% of variable earnings of your referrals, down to 6th generation. Everyone in the system receive daily tasks and doing these tasks you can earn money. The company identified best 10 ways of earning money on the Internet from over the 100 ways which are just the ones we going to use to earn some daily cash, every single day.
  • 2% of monthly activation fee paid by your referrals down to the 6th generation.
What’s in the Silver Box?

You will get:

  • 20% of team Bonuses and Leadership – it will be calculated from the points which you get in binary.
  • 2% of variable earnings of your referrals, down to 6th generation.
  • 4% of monthly activation fee paid by your referrals down to the 6th generation.
And what’s in the Gold Box?

You will get:

  • 30% of team Bonuses and Leadership – it will be calculated from the points which you get in binary.
  • 2% of variable earnings of your referrals, down to 6th generation.
  • 6% of monthly activation fee paid by your referrals down to the 6th generation.

In Addition Each Of These Boxes Give You:

  • Live In Box (3GB, 500GB or 1TB of free space)
  • 12 Months Contract
  • You can do direct sales
  • Get Profit and Bonuses

Storage Cloud - You get access into the storage cloud with free website hosting, You can upload and download any files you want - thanks to the cloud technology you will have an access to your files regardless of where you are and regardless of which type of device you use (desktop computer, notebook, tablet or smartphone)

  • Advertising

You get the advertising system & advertising space, so you will be able to make advertising text and advertising campaigns.

  • Special Personal website – your personal blog.

But The Most Important Thing For Most of Us Is Fact That:

Bronze Box Package Weekly Earnings: $8-$15
Silver Box Package Weekly Earnings: $40-$60
Gold Box Package Weekly Earnings: $60-$100

The LibertàGià project is protected from almost all sides by the experience taken from projects such as EmpowerNetwork, BannersBroker, TelexFree and several other.

Using This Information, Each of Us Knows What Must / Should Do, Standing in Front of Such HUGE Opportunity.

I have already mentioned that the President and CEO LibertàGià is Rui Salvador. Director of Marketing is William Gill, one of the largest Brazilian leaders. The project is the brainchild of 11 investors, which will be announced on LibertàGià conferences that will be held all over the world.


"...You Enter Into This Project In Order To Earn $8 To $100 Per Week For Performing Daily Tasks..."

Most of the people asking this question:
“How we can withdraw the earnings?”

The company has an International Debit Card.

They have got a Partnership with a Bank that also supplying us an international debit card to withdraw the earnings anywhere in the world. There’s no exchange currency fee. It will be paid in your own money currency.

Our Proposal:

To create something different and better than what already exists. A smart company, driven by a purpose that benefits people and generates financial freedom. We care about the durability and protection of global businesses and not just about profits and dividends. We call this: reliable place.

We believe in promotion of prosperity, freedom and quality of life by decreasing world poverty and violence. By bringing us closer to world peace, this will make us feel even more passionate about what we do!

Many of The Projects In Which We Have Participated Are Currently In The Market For Six Months, One Year, Three Years ...

...and always someone begins the project - generally, if it is a good project, this person really reaps the benefit of. In light of these facts, seems to be that LibertàGià is a good project.

Ask Yourself One Question ...


  • the project was under construction from over 13 months,
  • whole marketing culture has been built,
  • close cooperation with the bank has been taken,
  • the right person who will lead the project has been chosen (as a result of a long selection of a dozen people around the world; finally the choice was supported by friendship of Rui & William) ... what good can come of this?
What good would this imply for you?

In Closing I Invite You To FREE Registration And Receiving Your Own Website* To Promote of LibertàGià Project:

* To get your website please contact the person who invited you:

PS. Below you will find some useful information during registration. Please, pay particular attention to the correct name of the inviting person.

In this case, after click the registration link you will see a pop-up window in which you have to confirm the correct data inviting person:

You are signing up in the network of Dorota Krzykwa (doniadorota).Confirm that the information is correct. Otherwise go to the correct link from your sponsor.

If the name of the inviting person is correct, after approval of the button: "Confirm" a registration form will appear, where you can also verify if you register to the appropriate person (the person on whose support you rely after registration).

Here's what you should see:*

Invited for: doniadorota (Dorota)

Document (Number Of Identification Document) field. The company must be sure that every account will be use by a real person. In this field you must put your identification document number (driving licence, personal ID, etc.)

Be aware, that fields:

  • Name,
  • Surname,
  • Number Of Identification Document,
  • Nickname and
  • E-mail
aren't editable after registration. So, put your data very, very carefully.

PPS. See you on the other side...

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*Gather as much information as soon as possible and ACT.